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To enable young people to choose their best and most fulfilling career path, by helping them overcome whatever difficulties and doubts they may face, and therefore:

  • offer options, confirm choices, find a way

  • use self-assessment tools and career tests to identify their strengths and potential

  • broaden their vision of career paths, jobs and professions as they map out/determine their future

  • lead to a conscious (aware) choice of profession to pursue, or field to move into, in the short and medium term, having established an optimized fit with both their aspirations and set of skills

  • involve them and empower them to drive their own future by encouraging them to define their interests, goals and aspirations, so that they own their orientation process

  • choose their specialties in High School

  • generate a list of subjects and courses to study at a variety of schools in line with their profile, goals and aspirations

  • prepare and put-in their ParcoursSup application based on effective strategies taking into account where they are at: their academic profile, their school ranking, their stage in the process

  • build/put together their CV and cover letter

  • make an enlightened decision according to the right professional and personal criteria at play

All in confidence to conquer rather than suffer one’s education!

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